Extra Credit

10 extra credit points: for attending Spanish club activities you may earn 10 extra credit points per event. Your name must be on the Spanish club sign in sheet as proof of attendance.

10 extra credit points: have your parent fill out this survey by October 19 https://goo.gl/forms/4UtPeGGEEZEmajeS2

5 extra credit points: respond to Sra. Olson’s flipgrid videos with one of your own

https://flipgrid.com/nz9uf1 code: nz9uf1  (9/20 – 10/31)

https://flipgrid.com/0yapga code: 0yapga (9/26-10/31)

Pesos: dress up for Homecoming week and receive 1 peso for each day!

lunes: PJ day,

martes: camo day

miércoles: jersey day

jueves: meme day

viernes: WHS colors/togas